Unlocking Locked Accounts

Using the Locked-Out Accounts List

AD Unlocker Pro main window displays a list of all locked out accounts in your Active Directory.

When one (or more) account is locked-out, it will be displayed in this list, as show in the screenshot below:

Main Window with a Locked-Out Account Screenshot

To unlock an account, select it in the list and click on the "Unlock Selected" button. You can also select several accounts and unlock them all with a single click on the same button.

This list is refreshed every 5 minutes by default.

You can modify this refresh duration in the Options window, press the "F5" key, or click on the "Refresh List" button.

By Specifying a User Login

You can also unlock a specific account by typing its username (Active Directory login) in the text field below the Locked-Out Accounts list, in AD Unlocker Pro main window, then clicking on the "Unlock Account" button.

This action will not have any effect on an already unlocked account.