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If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, plug-and-play solution for managing locked out users in your Active Directory, then your logical choice is AD Unlocker Pro.

AD Unlocker Pro is a small application that will automatically search current Active Directory for any locked out accounts and display the related usernames. Unlocking these locked out accounts is only one click away !

Every functionnality is available in a user-friendly graphical interface, so you don’t have to use command line. You will not anymore have to remotely connect to your Active Directory server just to unlock an user account !

Moreover, if you have administrative rights on your Active Directory, no configuration at all is needed ! AD Unlocker Pro will automatically detect your current Active Directory and use your current user account to connect to it. Otherwise, you can still use an alternate login that has privileges in Active Directory.

IT Support and Help-desks staff get more efficient with AD Unlocker Pro, and they can unlock accounts faster and even before end users open a support ticket. Win time, become pro-active : try now AD Unlocker Pro !


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Search AD for locked out users; 1click unlock
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